4th Day Information

The monthly Gathering is a meeting of all who have attended the Walk to Emmaus in a particular area. Its purpose is two-fold:

First it is the local Emmaus Community giving visible evidence of their life in Christ. Members of the community will share their piety, study and action with others.

Secondly, your contact with fellow Emmaus brothers and sisters is maintained and hopefully you will be inspired by the effort and examples of others in order to make profound changes in your life and the life of the city or area where you live.

We encourage you to be faithful in attending our monthly Gatherings. Gatherings provide the Emmaus community an opportunity to fellowship, to worship and gather to support each other and renew on a regular basis the same spirit we experienced while on our respective walks. Gatherings are held regularly at a different church and begin at 6:30 PM with a covered dish supper, followed by singing, a Fourth Day speaker and Communion. Dates for Gatherings are posted as soon as they become available in the Community Calendar. Churches who wish to sponsor a Gathering should contact:

Gathering Coordinator – Jason Rinker  229-221-4859